For more than a decade, the Trooper Foundation has provided the means to improve the lives and work of our state troopers, and in the process the state of Louisiana is a better place to live and work.

As a state agency we are reliant almost entirely on the vagaries of a constantly changing economy.  Indeed the last few years have presented the greatest challenge to State Police administrators to maintain a properly equipped and well trained agency.  It’s not that the legislature and the administration haven’t accommodated our priorities.  They have been more than fair in their allocation of funds to State Police.  It’s just that the revenue base which provides the source of funds for state government operations has shrunk; there’s less money to go around.  It’s inevitable that some needs go unmet.


Colonel Lamar A. Davis
Louisiana State Police

We are fortunate however to enjoy widespread support from citizens throughout Louisiana, and the Foundation permits a conduit for that support.  In recent years the private contributions have enabled troopers to promote their relationship with communities around the state by providing youth camps, safety expositions, drug education programs other outreach activities.

Today the need for continued support has never been greater.  The Foundation’s latest initiative will seek to partner private corporations and businesses with opportunities to address critical State Police needs.  A list of those needs can be found elsewhere on this site, and I encourage you to consider being a part of this effort.  Your tax deductible contributions will help sustain your State Police as Louisiana’s premier law enforcement agency.