The Louisiana Trooper Foundation will make Louisiana a better place to live, visit, and conduct business by establishing and maintaining strong partnerships with the business community. The resources of the state will be more effectively used by supporting statewide efforts to eliminate duplication and competition among law enforcement agencies. The Foundation will assist the State Police in providing and/or supporting world class professional law enforcement development for both Troopers and other law enforcement entities through collaborative problem solving, enhanced management of resources, and promotion of leadership competencies.

Louisiana State Police, working with the support of the Louisiana Trooper Foundation, will partner with other law enforcement agencies to develop, identify, and implement new technologies and initiatives in the efficient delivery of law enforcement services.  The Louisiana State Police would not be the organization it is today without the continued relationships we share between the citizens, the business communities, and other the law enforcement agencies through The Louisiana Trooper Foundation.

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The Louisiana Trooper Foundation provides additional resources and training opportunities that aid in multi-agency collaboration.